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        At age 5, Daniel entered the world of green screens, microphones, cameras, weather and news reports, and absorbed the exciting energy in the broadcast studio. On that day, he stood at the green screen and sat stage-center for the first time and was mesmerized. Since that day in 2005, at the WCHS TV station in Charleston, WV, Daniel's love for reporting, meteorology, filming, and practicing in front of the green screen has lead him into many studios, both TV and radio, and many interesting situations and interests such as filming and photojournalism. 
       In 2007 and 2008, Daniel was a part-time Junior announcer for the weekly radio show, Festival of the Arts, aired from 1450 WCTC AM out of New Brunswick, NJ and from Charlie Cooper's studio, AdMix Broadcast Services in Charleston, WV.  Aside from announcing the call letters and time, Daniel periodically joined in the conversations. 
        Since those years, Daniel continues on his journey to learn and actively participate in communications; radio, TV, filming, photojournalism, and reporting
. While attending Haverford Middle School from 2012 to 2014, Daniel was one of the lead anchors, along with a few other students, in the Ford Focus in-school TV station. Daily, they broadcasted the current weather and local sports events, and announced the principal and teacher's messages. During that same period of time he was the exclusive in-studio meteorologist in the Delaware County school system. 
       In 2014, Daniel recorded a commercial, which airs several times a day, for Woodward Woods radio station 1610 AM, an AdMix Broadcast Service in Charleston, WV.  Also, in 2014, he was in charge of filming, editing, and titling YouTube instructional videos called, 'Tennis Time with Tony' for tennis coach and instructor, Tony Patarino of Drexel Hill, Pa. 
       Daniel has been a member of the Society of Professional Journalist since 2015.  His plans are to continue in the field of communications. 



_____________________________________________ 2005 in the WCHS TV studio in Charleston, WV. Daniel, age 5, at the green screen.

_________________________________________ Daniel and Uncle Gary Borstein at the desk of the broadcast room at WCHS TV in Charleston, WV. 2005

______________________________________ 2007 Daniel in the 1450 WCTC AM studio in New Brunswick, NJ on Festival of the Arts as Junior Announcer

________________________________________ 2014 at WOWK TV in Charleston, WV

_______________________________________ 2014 at West Virginia Public Broadcasting in Charleston, WV

2015  Charleston, WV at AdMix Broadcasting
in the studio with Charlie Cooper 

2014 Daniel at WPVI 6abc in Philadelphia, Pa. 

2017 August  WPVI  6abc    Philadelphia
End of the Summer report 

2014  Daniel job shadowing on air 

WCHS TV  Charleston, WV.

 Weatherman Dan / Daniel Grzesik WCHS TV Weather Report July 2014